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Self Management Skills

Self Management Skills for life

Self management skills are the currency of todays successful person. Its not just about self discipline and work ethic, its also about knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are. It doesn’t matter if you are an office worker or someone who work remotely, your ability to slef manage bears a very close relationship with your level of success. Lets have a look at a couple of the key factors that make up these skills and then how you can start to improve them.

Self Discipline

Some would say that this is one of the rarest traits you find in people and at the end of the day if you don’t have self discipline then implementing any sort of work plans is going to be very short lived. Self discipline is the ability to say no to the distractions that can pull you off task when you are trying to get things done. Its about not answering every single email that pops up in your account, its about turning off your phone when you have allotted certain periods of time to get tasks done, its about saying ‘no’ to people when ask for a quick chat, or ‘a little help’…Its not easy, it is simple and it wont make you the most popular person in the world at times, but…it will make you more effective that 90 percent of people you work with.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses

Unless you know where your natural strengths are and where your weaknesses are, its hard to develop the necessarry self management skills that will see you rise to the top nd get more done in shortere amounts of time.

So, start with an inventory of how you currently spend your time, when are you most effective, mornings or afternoons? Do you delegate well? Good communication skills are a wonderful asset and can also see you getting caught up in too many conversations because people enjoy talking with you and bouncing ideas off you, great for them, not so great for you if the conversations are off topic. Do work better alone or with other people in the room? Do you need music or silence?

We all have very different work conditions that not only allow us to be more effective at work but also ENJOY our work even more. This is the core of good self management skills.

The question to keep asking your self is How can I get more done in less time and make it a really enjoyable experience?

This may be a big step from where you are now, so, start small. Start with self discipline. Write down just one small thing you would be willing to do for five days that if you did them it would be evidence to you that you self discipline has developed. The key really really is to start small, build momentum and keep going from there.

After doing this four or five times you will start to build the idea inside your mind that are ‘a self disciplined person’. When you believe that then you can start to look at specific strategies, BUT don’t go straight to the strategies without have the mindset in place, youll only slide back into old habits.

Remember, one step at a time.

Best of luck!


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