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Self Development Yoga

Self Development Yoga 


Yoga may have originated as an ancient Hindu practice for spiritual, physical and mental discipline but it has been adapted for modern personal development programs. Its combination of thoughtful meditation and physical exercise continue to provide for several benefits to hundreds of thousands of its devotees every single day.


Body and Mind


Yoga encourages harmony between the body and mind through a holistic approach including but not limited to the following aspects:


• Body postures known as asanas (i.e., baddhapadmasana, yogmudrasana and vajrasana)

• Gestures called mudra (i.e., hakini, pran and linga)

• Breathing known as pranayama (i.e., quiet, deep and fast)

• Procedures called shatkriya (i.e., jalaneti and sutraneti)

• Meditation

Keep in mind that each discipline of yoga has its own distinctive theories and practices in achieving harmony between the body and mind of its practitioners. The main aim, nonetheless, should be similar – to make the individual a healthier person in the physical and mental sense.


An Open Mind and Active Participation


As with any self-development program, perhaps even more so, yoga requires practitioners to have an open mind and to actively participate in the physical and mental activities. This way, the individual can full enjoy the benefits derived from the discipline, said benefits of which include a deeper sense of self-awareness, greater self-control, and better self-confidence. Said benefits point to one main goal – to be the best person you can be.


An open mind is essential in both the mental – meditation, to be specific – and physical – poses, gestures and procedures – aspects of yoga. You must be able to relax your inhibitions, welcome new ideas, and be attuned to your inner universe while also being aware of your surroundings, all of which requires an open mind.


Of course, your active participation is a must in yoga. Keep in mind that you will be performing the asanas and gestures as well as doing the meditation exercises, not your guru, your coach, or your yoga buddy. Just live in the present while in your yoga class and you will be surprised at how your self-development plan is improving by leaps and bounds.


In conclusion, self development yoga is good for you first and foremost while your family and friends will love the positive changes they see in you.




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