self development saves time

Self Development Saves Time

With so many different things competing for our time how do we decide where we spend our time? The way Self Development Saves Time is it helps us decide what it is we should be focussing on and what we should be ignoring.

Its so easy to get causght up in all of lifes distractions that we sometimes miss out on the important things in life.

Marshall Heyman from the Wall Street Journal spoke to Tony Robins briefly about this;

Despite his busy schedule, Mr. Robbins, an advisor and coach for individuals and companies, said he’s mulling a new book, his first in 15 years. “I enjoy juggling things,” he said. “Thank God I’m not a golfer.”

To maximize his time, he’s begun to use an email management system called Sane Box, and uses Twitter as an “intelligent browser.” Mostly, though, “I ask, What’s most important? What do I need to get done?”

Speaking with Mr. Robbins, we were especially curious about what he thinks drives ambitious people on the social and financial scenes in New York. He said he felt it came from a desire for “variety” and “significance.” “Variety” means the constant search for fun, amusement and stimulus; “significance” conveys a certain notoriety. There’s a healthy way to pursue both, he explained, and an unbalanced way: “When you buy a yacht for significance, there is always going to be someone with another, nicer yacht. How long can that significance last?”

“When the desire for significance or certainty is driving you, you’re going to be unhappy,” he said. “You have to switch your priority to growth or love. Those are better leads.”

So what about you, do you know what you need to be focussing on? DO you know what you need to be ignoring. Save Development saves time when you know specifically where you want to spend your time. Start by writing down your goals, its a fundamental step to success.

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