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Self Development Retreats

Self Development Retreats 

To move forward and onward, retreat. The value of retreating into stillness and serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the modern lifestyle, into exploration and discovery of your strengths and weaknesses, and into optimum utilization of your potentials, talents and skills cannot be overemphasized. Personal development retreats allow individuals to reemerge from their shells, so to speak, ready to take on the challenges of their lives and to become the successful persons they aspire to be.

These retreats can be enjoyed in two ways, namely, enrolling in a retreat program and engaging in a do-it-yourself retreat project. When done in the proper manner, both types provide for similar benefits.

Retreat Program

In many instances, enrollment in a retreat program happens in a group such as when family members or friends go together ostensibly to strengthen their relationships. In most cases, an individual can choose to go alone, which means being away from familiar faces for a few days, even weeks.

Retreat programs typically offer the following features for their enrollees:

• Board and Lodging – Healthy meals and snacks are usually served in a common dining hall to encourage individuals to socialize with other temporary residents. The rooms can vary from simple bed-and-table setups to luxurious suites although a common theme prevails – peace and quiet.

• Premises – The retreat house and its related facilities are usually located in beautiful locations like the shores of a lake, the foot of a mountain range, or in verdant manmade gardens. The aim is to encourage relaxation in mind and body just by being in the area.

• Itinerary – Depending on the program, individuals can either set their own activities based on the available facilities, amenities and services or follow a set itinerary under the guidance of a retreat mentor.

DIY Retreat

If enrolling in a retreat program is not possible for any reason, we strongly suggest taking a DIY retreat in the comfort of your own home. Here are a few ideas:

• Designate a room where you can meditate, read a book and generally just relax your mind and body whenever you feel the need to retreat into your own world.

• Pamper yourself for a few hours with a homemade spa treatment such as a good soak in the tub complete with fragrant salts while reading self-development books.

The most important thing is to retreat into yourself so that you can reemerge a better person.


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