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Self Development Goals

Self Development Goals 


In itself, personal development involves setting of goals as well as their corresponding action plans within a specific timeframe. Keep in mind that self-development requires active participation on the part of the individual from the day the goals are set to the day these are achieved. Even when these goals have been achieved, personal development is a daily commitment toward becoming the best person you can be.

Examples of Goals


We must emphasize that personal development goals are classified into two types, namely, business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets. Business-to-consumer goals apply to individuals usually touching on subjects like fitness and health, beauty and lifestyle, relationships and marriage, and other personal aspects of life. Business-to-business goals pertain to professional aspects of an individual’s life such as managing work-home balance, improving work efficacy, and preparing for promotions.


No matter the type of personal development goals, a common thread runs through these aims – you become a better person.


In terms of business-to-consumer goals, we can mention the following examples:


• Improvement of self-awareness and self-knowledge

• Development of talents, skills and potentials

• Fulfillment of personal aspirations including relationships

• Enhancement of quality of life, of lifestyle and of material wealth

• Strengthen physical health


In terms of business-to-business goals, examples include:


• Effective management of work-family balance

• Effective and efficient work performance


Each individual and organization must set their personal development goals according to their unique circumstances. Although a certain level of similarities in the goals will be present, the action plans are different for obvious reasons.


Setting Goals


Well, of course, the goals must be set first before action plans can be formulated.


• Think SMARTER. This refers to setting specific, measurable, attainable and relevant, time-specific goals that must be evaluated and re-evaluated in a periodic and proper manner.

• Consider your strengths and weaknesses in comparison with your opportunities and threats.

• Take the time to write down, discuss and brainstorm over your goals instead of rushing through the process. Setting goals for personal development takes time, energy and effort, which will also be required for acting on the specific steps for their attainment.


In the end, however, setting goals is just the beginning of personal development but it is a good start.



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