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Self Development for teenagers

Self Development for Teenagers

Being a teenager isn’t easy. Between mixed social signals, discovering your true personality, and major hormonal changes, it can confusing and even terrifying. Many people suffer from severe emotional problems and personality issues in their teens, due to the many conflicting forces they deal with every day.

Teenage depression and confusion don’t have to be inevitable, however. By deliberately engaging in a self development program, teens can get a better understanding of themselves, their place in the world, and their own personalities. This kind of program can be entirely self-directed or organized by an outside mentor or organization. No matter what form it takes, however, any program of self development for teenagers needs to touch on a few basic areas.

Self Confidence Issues

The world is full of messages that tell teens they’re not good enough. From campaigns that stigmatize weight without promoting healthy eating to the constant stream of advertisements and media promoting an idealized, sexualized existence, these forces can make it hard to feel good.

Many teens even ignore all their good traits, focusing only on the ways they supposedly don’t measure up. One of the cornerstones of a good self development program should be building real self confidence based on genuine positive traits. Genuine self esteem can be extremely important to success later on in life.

Living Intentionally

Another common problem for teens is that of living reactively. Given all the uncontrollable forces in the life of the average teenager, it’s very easy to end up reacting instead of acting. That can lead to bad choices and decisions that haven’t been thought through completely. When the time comes to choose a career or engage in other important adult activities, teens may run into problems.

The right self development plan will help teens get through their lives thoughtfully, without simply reacting to other people’s behavior. It will develop important critical thinking skills that help teenagers sort out what’s true and what’s false, accurately assess their situations, and think about every decision they make. In the end, it becomes much simpler to decide what’s really best.


Being able to make intelligent decisions and believe in oneself is extremely important, but these traits are much less useful without good communication. The best self development programs for teens focus not just on how to determine what’s most important, but also how to tell others what they need to know.

This kind of training can be helpful in professional situations later in life, in day to day school situations, and even in interpersonal relationships. Without good communication, many situations simply break down.

Whether you’re a teen who’s confused about your situation and having trouble dealing with life or you’re a parent or friend of a teenager, finding the right self development resources can be extremely helpful. It might take a while to see any results, but in the end, self development for teenagers can build a more flexible, healthier, happier person.


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