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Self Development Exercises

Self Development Exercises 

Personal development involves active participation in activities that improve one’s self-awareness, self-identity and self-confidence as well as develop one’s potential, talents and skills to the fullest. Keep in mind that the emphasis is on active participation of the individual, which may or may not include the expert facilitation of a teacher, coach or mentor. Otherwise, the following personal development exercises will be for naught.

Live a Healthy Life

This is not so much a single exercise in personal development as it is a strong commitment to loving yourself on a daily basis. Loving yourself starts with taking good care of your health, both in the physical and mental aspects. Loving yourself starts the ball rolling so that others particularly your family and friends will return your love.

In this regard, eat a healthy diet, exercise on a moderate basis, and adopt healthy lifestyle habits including getting sufficient sleep, avoiding tobacco products, and setting limits on alcohol intake. You will then be able to engage in the other self-development activities mentioned in the following sections.

Live in the Present

Like living a healthy life, living in the present takes hard work to achieve but the rewards are well worth it. Dwelling on the past and dreaming about the future will not serve any good simply because you can neither change the past nor controls the future. You can, fortunately, enjoy the present with the following ways, among others:

• Meditate whenever and wherever you can. Keep in mind that meditation starts with deep breathing, progresses into control of your thoughts, and ends with a relaxed state of mind and body. It is, more importantly, about focusing on the here and now.

• Stop and smell the roses, smile at others, and generally just enjoy the moment. Take time from your busy schedule to stop, relax and live in the present.

• Enjoy whatever activity you are doing now instead of worrying about bygone things and planning for future activities. Do one activity at a time and focus on it while also striving to do less by clearing your schedule of unnecessary activities.

Most importantly, live your own life because everybody else’s life is taken.


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