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Of all the ways there are to move forward with Self Development, attending a course or retreat is the best way to gain a lot of forward movement in a short amount of time.
The most famous presenter of Self Development courses is the American presenter, Anthony Robbins.
He provides an entertaining high energetic environment with lots of positive support to allow you to get in contact with the parts of you that really want to achieve. They are a lot of fun and he is very inspiring to listen to.
Possibly the only drawback of attending a course is that you do a lot of planning and make a lot of promises and then when you go back to your normal life the changes and promises are either forgotten or get pushed back due to lifes little crisis. In fact some Self development teachers will tell you that the things that pull your attention away from your self development are just little tests of your commitment to making changes and really moving forward in your life.

Having an understanding of personalities as described so well by Hal and Sidra Stone in Voice Dialogue can help with ensuring you implement the changes you would like to make after attending such an event, along with a good understanding of Timelines, as described in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
Michael Rowland is Australias leading Self Development presenter. Michaels courses are a lot more relaxed and a lot of people find that they end up applying a lot more of the changes they would like to make from his courses because Michael wont get you all hyped up which is normally a foreign state compared to that of daily living, therefore the changes carry across more naturally.
One important point to keep in mind when attending these courses is NOT to be coerced into talkig about past events that you are not comfortable discussing in a public forum. There are other so called Self Development gurus who like to think of themselves as therapists and these people can do more damage than good.
At the end of the day we are the ones who change ourselves, Self Development courses are a great place to gain tools and tips and spend time planning out your ideal future. I highly recommend them as long as you do your research on them first.


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