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Self Development Books

We live in a world where self development is a much talked about topic in gatherings and yet often overlooked in daily life. We can attribute several reasons for such a disparity in theory and practice including lack of resources, of motivation and of time, among others. This is a shame, of course, considering the numerous benefits of reading self development books and applying the lessons contained therein in your everyday life.

Benefits of Reading

Let’s start with the benefits of reading self-development books as these are the basis for engaging in the activity in the first place. We can mention:

• Create a Deeper Dense of Self-awareness – In living your daily life, you often fail to analyze how your actions, words, and behavior affects your inner selves as well as your families, friends and acquaintances. You also neglect to think about your physical, mental and spiritual existence on Earth – your purpose in life, so to speak. When you read self-development books, you become more aware of your own self, of your own life, and of your own purpose on Earth. You are then bound to be happier with your life, more successful in your endeavors, and more compassionate of your fellowmen.

• Deal with Human Behavior in a Better Manner – With a deeper sense of self-awareness, you are better able to understand your fellowmen. As the time-tested adage says, seek first to understand others so that others will strive to understand you as well. As a result, your relationships with family, friends and co-workers as well as strangers on the street become more productive. Learning the basics of human behavior through self-development books definitely has its prizes.

Benefits of Books

The next question is: Why read books when there are online self-development resources like e- magazines, e-books and blogs? Well, for one thing, nothing compares to the experience of holding, looking and smelling books especially new tomes. Reading from books is a total sensory experience that can be enjoyed over and over again – anytime, anywhere.

For another thing, books provide for a comprehensive discussion on the topics being discussed. This often cannot be said of online resources where brevity is the name of the game, no thanks to online readers’ short attention span.

Indeed, reading self-development books is a must for every individual who wants to be a better version of his/her current self.


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