Self Development and Self Discipline

Self Development and Self Discipline

Its hard to separate self development and self discipline, the two go together like 2 peas in a pod. In order to grow and achieve there are many times we simply have to have the discipline.

Dan Waldschmidt from business discusses this exact topic.

The article begins by discussing how we like to talk a good game when it comes to self discipline but that very few of us get the concept. He believes its about what we are denying ourselves that sets apart real self discipline.

Here are some of the points he makes;

If you haven’t mastered the doing part of discipline then you aren’t even close to achieving success. You’re just lying to yourself.

The unspoken part of this conversation is about the denying part of discipline. Discipline isn’t so much about what you are doing right now as it is about what you are denying yourself right now.

• Denying yourself the need to look like you are right all the time.

• Denying yourself the satisfaction of being recognized as the leader.

• Denying yourself the comfort of not needing to worry about your future.

• Denying yourself the rewards of getting what you want right now.

• Denying yourself the illusion that no one is better than you.

• Denying yourself the luxury of getting it right the first time.

• Denying yourself the urge to be the victim and accept pity from others around you.

These are incredibly hard things to do. Even harder to do consistently. But denying is what discipline is all about. It is about what you stop yourself from doing. It is planned. It is expected.

He makes some interesting points, Im not sure I totally agree with how he frames self discipline. I believe that Self development and self discipline can be seen from the perspective of what we are gaining by choosing certain actions over others.

Id love to hear your thoughts on the topic, feel free to share them below.



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