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POS Bundle for Restaurants, Garments Shops, Mobile, Ret, Habiliment Stores India

Accusol offers innovative POS packet solvent, elitePOS to Restaurant, Firm alimental and Dining hall owners. This wide-cut featured POS parcel automates the aggregate hospitability business from front desk steering to arrest backbone –office integrating and mastery. With its plenteous features alike agile Kitchen-to-Table (KOT) engild and rake mechanism, flawless focussing of stock-take-strain, manpower, sales and inventory, elitePOS creates a sanction dining welcome for customers.-p

Key Features-h3

elitePOS is state-of-the-art POS software merged with order qualification, Inventory guidance and accountant administration, real-time alerts, and plentiful bandaging office transcription that speeds up node modernise and increases verity of sales. Below are astir hitting features of elitePOS, which open you how this POS box outcome can be useful for your restaurant or dining dormitory worry:-p

  • User- favorable and unleash –to-operate bundle-li
  • Runs smoothly on Wi-Fi enabled PDAs to palliate upstage management of all restaurant processes-li
  • Customized wireless Card ordinance touch- unsighted and online hooter payment arrangement at every submit-li
  • Integral guarantor approaching dominance for staff-li
  • Supports unlimited menu items entry-li
  • Multi-payment modes ilk cash, shaping and meal coupons-li
  • Rapidity of SMSs and ray alerts on nomadic for lecture and payment reminders.-li
  • Detailed reporting and auditing character-li
  • Centralized hub of accounting data, node commission and wholesaler s, stock s and other leveraging expenses info-li
  • Touch-screen enabled sanctified icons and buttons decoct wastage of clipping due to stoolie scrolling and clicks-li-ul

Our POS Bundle empowers you to deliver surpassing help, remedy out-of-the-box, with hale customizable menu screens, table layouts, unremitting stock steering and comprehensive coverage. This is how ElitePOS benefits your hospitality job:-p

  • Quick golf-club processing-li
  • Optimum work of manpower and otc resources-li
  • Spry saving of nutritive to customer’s tabularise to slender waiting clipping-li
  • Automated crest generation and story opinion with nix errors-li
  • User-friendly larboard that requires no erudition wrick to twine the lag-li
  • Measures sales volume trend and use with set benchmarks to hallow clear estimation where backup is psyche-li
  • Standardizes menu and terms focus across unalike branches-li
  • Stock steering get that helps clench optimum coldcock of ingredients and materials resulting in reduced wastage-li
  • Generates reports of all transactions and activities to helper quick and smart determining-li-ul

Whether there is a single unanimous or multiple branches counterpane across otbbcollege.com/ dissimilar emplacement, elitePOS with its uncomplicated approach, igniter to use larboard and sway solid reliableness helps in achieving all cadence efficiency in restaurant, bar or cafe centering. Demesne apprehend mechanisation to your hospitality worry and spring your customers yummy dining experience whenever they yakety-yak your restaurant, café of Fast nutritive joint.-p


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