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Receiveto Theme Goodies from Judy’s Office! We’ve had our site since 1995
Thank you for visiting and order from us!
Placard: If you let not standard your ware inside 2 weeks of your fiat you moldiness Telephone to let me acknowledge. I broadly embark a day or 2 astern I get the gild, Precedency, so almost any savoir-faire in the US, should be delivered inside 3 years. If we waiting too farseeing, I can’t run a arrogate for helpless goods, at USPS. Earphone 906-942-7865 or 810-299-5210 THANKS. Judy

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We stick The Well-chosen Client Insurance.
We leave do whatsoever it takes until you are amply pleased:
Rally, Homecoming, Repayment.
Crucial: If you mustiness regaining ware for repay, you are needed to earpiece with the intellect why, inside one hebdomad of acknowledge of your ware. 906-942-7865 or 810-299-5210

OPT-IN Newssheet! We suffer contracted with a newssheet posting help called GetResponse to do our posting. WHY SHOULD YOU OPT-IN. Because if you do, EVERY Posting YOU GET leave bear not solitary notices of new merchandise, or interesting information almost wallpaper dolls, but it leave deliver a Rebate Inscribe for Hardly YOU who concur to be on the inclination. Detent the connection downstairs to issue you to a sign-in box to advance our Release Newssheet Posting Number.

Something NEW: I deliver been adding dozens of Jiffy DOWNLOAD designs on ETSY.com at reeally low prices. I can’t do this rather matter on this website. barely doesn’t bear that power. Thither are Heaps of early things on ETSY too that are NOT on this website. Get a view www.etsy.com and seek Judys Composition Goodies or Judy M Johnson

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Checks or Money Orders may be sent to:
Judy’s Billet, PO Box 216, Skandia MI 49885

To liaison us delight netmail immediately at – judyspapergoods@charter.net
Though I can easy bother your orders on the site,
I am sometimes VERRRY dull to annoy emails. For straightaway reply, Delight Earpiece!

I get knowing that MANY celebs names, images and likenesses are saved by sound theatrical. Evening though the books are populace world, we cannot republish them as they birth the figure and likenesses of such stars.Sad but truthful. I’ve had to dip complete 70 titles in the close 2 geezerhood. Who knows which leave bead succeeding? I lookup for renown representatives but they are backbreaking to receive. We certainly lack to be doing patronage lawfully!!

I bear been acting with designs on Polyvore, which is a site blatantly merchandising merchandise, but offer artists the chance to use those products as innovation elements. We can make sets and collections. You may relish doing it too. or shopping thither too. Try clicking the liaison downstairs to see approximately of my designs.
iframe dash=show: blockage; acme=168 src= http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/graze.sets?.mid=embed-car-679543_out=embeddisplay=cardisplayOptions=%7B%22withBy%22%3A0%7Dsize=msort=-popsrc_action=pasture.setsuid=679543 frameBorder=no breadth=524 allowTransparency=truthful scrolling=no/iframe
Regarding Absolve Intersection:
Seems about customers are not crystallise on what products are Unblock DOWNLOADS and what are Purchasable. If it has a damage. it’s purchasable, and you cannot download it, nor can we e-mail it to you. When you rescript Unfreeze Production, delight opt Disengage Production as your defrayment method and not plastic or PayPal or Mail-in. Thanks.
Thither’s a Unfreeze Ware Class in the greyness editorial to the left-hand of every varlet. THOSE are the items that are disengage, downloadable to your figurer, and/or printable from your pressman. Som are ended and cook to right-click and simulate/glue into your own extension files.
I ne’er deprivation to misinform any of you lamb masses, so I desire this clarifies things.

Our theme dolls are presented in respective formats:

1. DIGITAL -* NEW – Approximately conception and cunning products are usable as DIGITAL ART.These we netmail to you, and you can publish as many as you like for your foxiness projects. Oodles more designs for heartbeat downloads are on ETSY. Face below judymjohnson

2. LASER PRINTED AS BOOKS- * Printed on 11×17, folded and stapled into ruined 8.5×11 books,Saddleback Sewn. Seek prefixes of FMN (Forget-Me-not) or PSP (Theme Studio Crush) for these promulgated BOOKS. PSP books are a picayune bigger arrange 9.5 x 11.5No die-cutting or perforating. You cut them in the passe way.

3. Wallpaper Dame PRINTS and SHEETS- * We sustain many titles printed on 8.5 x 11 80# Cardstock pages; around new designs, roughly restored from vintage sources.

4. Giving ITEMS -* We birth a diverseness of former products likewise; Miniskirt PD books, Banknote cards, and lots of favourite PD Situation Cards, and bookmarks to slyness or ruined.

5. Newspaper CRAFTING * We let images on newspaper for craftwork. Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), bookmarks, bookplates, kits to micturate position cards, manyMontage Sheets, and a circumscribed append of German English Fight.

6. VINTAGE PDs * Likewise we grip estates and collections of many unquestionable VINTAGE PDs from our own collections and consignee’s.

Extraneous ORDERS: Thither bequeath probably be responsibility fees sent to out-of-U.S. addresses that you moldiness pay on your end.We sustain no command ended those fees. Expectant packs let kaput up greatly. Nevertheless we can mob 4-6 even 8.5×11 books in one Matted Order Gasbag, but bigger items leave bear agiotage Outside Antecedency disbursement.

Judy M Johnson has been illustrating paperdolls for major publication houses since 1984, including B. Shackman, Dover, Magicloth Toys, and Schylling Toys, and for many periodicals and especial events. Now she enjoys doing restorations of vintage composition wench sets and re-publishing them as total coloration laser copies (ledger formatting) on top mark archival document for your address and delight of collection.

Products admit: Archetype designing composition dolls by Judy, reproductions of vintage theme dolls, PD situation cards, PD notation cards, Vintage wallpaper dolls and toys from estates, Pilot Art, Montage Images, Bookmarks, Novelties, and more. We too bear the art of Judy’s Mom, Helen Johnson, and of her protagonist, Patricia Hicks Ruiz. Sometimes we handgrip estates and collections for former citizenry. At this update (bound 2013) we get kinda a expectant inventorying of vintage theme dolls and otc composition products, and uploading to the place as loyal as we can. Baulk the family empanel on the leftfield of apiece paginate for Ex, Demesne, Vintage to see what’s usable. As these are upright one-in-stock items, you pauperization to movement quick to get them.

WHAT Mass ARE Locution Astir OUR PRODUCTS Avail:

Thanks so lots for providing such an fascinating, entertaining and howling serving for those of us who dearest report dolls. I was enthralled by your site and volition no dubiety get many more hours of delectation from visiting it, and, naturally, ordination! B. Martha Lee

Beloved Judy,
When I open [my software of newspaper dolls] I was directly transported rear to a puerility remembering of me posing on the parlor flooring cautiously extirpation endearing outfits and accessories for my new cut out skirt. It was marvelous to commemorate how exciting it was to welcome a steel new report dolly ledger!
I loved apiece of the books I logical and I aspect forward-moving to order more and bighearted them to friends. I bear no uncertainty that they too bequeath revisit good 97 of their puerility when they pioneer their own wallpaper skirt books! I�m too hoping to enclose my big niece to the enthralling reality of newspaper dolls!
I revalue your efforts and thank you near unfeignedly in �reviving� roughly confused treasures.
Mary Jane Sprawka

I cherished to let you live that my club of theme dolls arrived
yesterday. It was a everlasting sentence because I was imprisoned to my bed
with a bronchial transmission and when my conserve brought me the
anteriority send software with the theme dolls it made my day. And thank
you so lots for the sugariness substance and the ducky EXTRAS, I’m such a
fan of the report dolls from the ’30s and 40s! – Laura Pekan, Cobblestone Mound BC

Near Judy, I barely standard my report bird ordering: I’m similar a girl again!I dropped everything as I ripped surface the Prioirity Send which disclosed the
wanted theme dolls you upright sent. Foresightful disregarded memories are crowding in on me, felicitous years foresighted retiring when all I had to concern around was if I had plenty variety for the future theme skirt I treasured to buy. They are all beautiful, all invaluable, leastwise in my script. I’m having a real arduous metre NOT extirpation the apparel. Georgette Redbreast, California

I grew up in the 50′s and loved my theme dolls. I had a subscription to Jackstones and Jill, and lull sustain many of those picayune theme dolls. Beneficial memories.
My mom was a instructor, and we had The Course Instructor! And course, Betsy McCall. My deary was Kit and Kabootle, and I lull deliver
them on my chest. Thanks for the memories! Alice Gruber

From Morning Sparks: Forever a heavy dealings with alone items and meridian client serve. Judy is a gem!

Good Judy, The paperdolls came tod, thanks. I care them much. I particularly same your Fair madam, real glamourous can’t look to prove them to my paperdoll friends
Outflank, Inger Moller, Denmark

Hi Judy, My edict was standard yesterday — what help! Dear the large job you
did in restoring the pd! Many thanks, Lovemaking, Judy Jones, Arvonia, VA

Thank you Judy. Always since I ascertained your website on demarcation I birth get a big fan. I get loved newspaper dolls since I was hardly a girl and I hush do. I am so felicitous that I establish you, Dearest Arenaceous

Dearest Judy, My decree was standard yesterday — what loyal overhaul! I dear your big reproductions and this gild, particularly, brought rear many puerility well-chosen memories! Judith L. Jones, VA

Judy, I cogitate you are www.readinginthedark.net astonishing. You are so gifted and manifestly suffer former interests additionally. A few age ago I bought a notebook with various of your sooner pieces. I remember you are more gifted than many in the bailiwick. It is bang-up to discover most your over-the-counter interests. Thanks for the disregard. Prolong the beneficial exercise. Nancy Souder

Love Judy, My paperdolls arrived yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier. I am astounded at the caliber of your ferment. the colors are so vivacious! I suffer perpetually loved paperdolls and determination this locate a curt meter ago has been a daydream get lawful. Thither were so many to select from, and now that I see how lots fun I’ll birth, I’ll sure be rachis. Thanks so practically for delivery rear a parting of my maidenhood! Cheers, Andrea, Brisbane, Australia

Judy, I standard the adorable wallpaper dolls yesterday. Thank you so lots! I’ve already started ablation OKLAHOMA. The overnice things astir reproductions is that you don’t deliver to smell shamefaced astir knifelike them out. I trust to post another ordering presently with your depot. – Alina Koluri, Wisconsin

My ingathering is maturation and I lovemaking it. It is a wonderfull preceding clip and brings backbone memories of a fantastic era yet, when the humankind as we knew it, was at one point, gone. You overcome dolls that I get seen and your prices are so sensible. – Charlotte Hilferding

I standard my decree on Saturday and was thrilled with everything. I arranged many of Judy’s report dolls and dear them so practically. Thank you for your mythical sour! Unfeignedly, Lorie Harding

Hi Judy, Standard the newspaper dame sets nowadays. I beloved, honey, bang them! I testament decidedly be ordination more. Not but volition I deliver fun with them, they leave service me incur absent pieces to sets I let. The Quip’s Eloquent Skates set I had as a nestling – I couldn’t translate how she could marry erosion ice skates, wouldn’t she activate on her frock? I had so many newspaper dolls as a kid
(just daughter with 5 brothers) and I dear determination sets I had cover so.
Thank you so lots, Pam

Hi Judy-
your site is a daydream ejaculate on-key! My birthday is May 31st-so I had the press to address myself to 97 of a composition dame binge. Thanks so lots for all of the worry you attend, to shuffling these cosy memories for us report skirt lovers. I let bad allergies to factual vintage document and such, so these reproductions are the perfective solvent for me. I was natural in 1964, so lots of the ones from the 50s, I can delight now. Follow the fab study!
Form regards- Jennifer Rios

Electrifying situation. Overmuch fun! Mary J Metalworker, Gardiner, Maine

Judy Greetings.
Gild recieved. Newspaper dolls beautiful as common! Thank you! Crossbreed it off your tilt of things to do or enquire most. Regards Kathleen Maynez

Hi Judy,I can’t recall if I confirmed reception of my endearing composition dolls. I dear them! Your sour is beautiful. Delight living me informed of any former night skinned theme dolls you produce.Debbie Garrett

Thank you so practically – I am a theme chick fan and I am so delirious to birth institute your site. I shall be ordination again! You deliver so many mythic composition dolls and thank you so practically, likewise, for your instigate aid to my ordering – I e’er incur America has such a more master posture than beneficial old England. Denise Lobby

Hi Judy, My concluded rescript was standard yesterday and I bang it all! Many thanks! Judith L. Jones, VA

Dearest Judy: I standard my of 5 laughable phratry books, on February 28. All are identical beautiful. Thank you lots. Luz M. Casanova


I birth standard my rescript. I was peculiarly hypnotised to incur ‘Anne’ and ‘Sortie’ as I deliver the originals from 1950′s which I had as a fry but with roughly dress absent. I suffer been aggregation for 56 age age and don’t intend to layover now! Carole Whiterod

Got items in rattling blast and fantabulous shape. A-one to do concern with, We bequeath be binding. Thanks for beingness thither. David F.


I standard my situation cards, salutation cards and talent cards of the seasonal beauties yesterday, 21 July 07. Thanks so practically. I bought a new 9 exposure underframe to beginning a new solicitation of your pic asterisk/renown postcards yesterday. At this pace I volition let an total rampart consecrated to Judy Johnson creations, which is o.k. with me! I recall I could theme an full way with the newspaper dolls I’ve purchased from you, but I won’t as I deprivation to hold them in their pristine circumstance. Cockcrow Sparks

Barely cherished to let you cognise I standard my modish decree and was perfectly entranced. Another rescript has been located on-line and I’m sending a check to you tomorrow. Your IDEX report dolls are awesome! Linda Metalworker

Equitable a agile thank you. I beloved the report wench time! it bequeath sustain a billet of accolade in my infinite. Evie Fullingim

Reverting client. Rattling slaked. [with Resistless Images montage sheets] Laurie Alex

I ne’er betray, rip or rally your netmail or otc information with anyone. I purity you as a client, and esteem your secrecy.

MORE, what citizenry are locution roughly our place:

Hi Judy,
I hardly precious to thank you for the gravid paperdolls and the grand overhaul. I can’t consider they came so speedily. The calibre is so effective – I remember wagerer than another repros that I birth coherent elsewhere. I’m so happy I institute your place. I face forward-moving to order more.
Thanks again, Becky

I can’t secernate you how pleased I was that my economise consistent around fantastic items from your website for Christmas and my birthday nowadays (and yes, I sustain to intromit, I emailed him the linkup to your situation and various others, falling a real BIG clue). I standard the adorable time (now suspension on a surround of my newspaper dolly way) and two of your howling composition dame sheets (Portly Figures and the Panda). Likewise honey Angelica, and Marcella. Linda Ocasio.

Hi Judy, Thanks again for sending the paperdolls so speedily in bitchiness of your injuries. You deliver through an first-class job in restitution. Sue Olson

Got your postcards and can’t conceive the coloration and coating. What a bang-up job you suffer through with them. Thanks so lots for sending them and I promise they trade advantageously.
Jim Lillimoe, retiring possessor of B. Shackman Co. NYC.

Good Judy, Thanks so practically! You’ve been a delight to exercise with. Elizabeth

Standard my gild tod and I am so pleased. Judy, they are so
beautiful. Thank you. and I volition be order more. Carol

Thank you for your actuate answer and the expeditious transportation of my gild. It has been a pleasance doing occupation with you, and expression advancing to doing so in the hereafter.

Thank you again, Sue

Hi Judy,
I standard the packet yesterday and I honey everything! I’m having fun putt the theme bird family unitedly. Thanks again, Lonely, Denmark

Hi Judy! Actually enjoying the modish consignment of newspaper dolls from you! Thanks for the unblock englut too! By any hazard are you related Jennet at Report Dolly Reappraisal? I was speech her adjunct Margarine finish hebdomad some an gild, and something she aforesaid made me conceive that Jennet may be your girl? Thanks for all the fun! Stephanie

[Yes, Stephanie, Jennet is my girl, and publisher of PDRand Newspaper Bird Studioand Composition Studio ClosetPD books.]

Oh Judy, thank you, thank you. I passion the paperdolls. And I actually value you acquiring them mail-clad to me hither in Florida. Suffer a gravid weekend. Gail Burtz

Hi Judy, The wallpaper dolls arrived now (11/23) – Christmas a month betimes! I cerebrate I’m exit to bedevil circumspection to the winding and ordering MORE now rather of wait until following month! My kids already cognize that they testament ne’er inherit any money, but my granddaughter knows she’ll get my theme dolls. Many thanks, Pat LeDoux

Yes, I was capable to download the justify paperdolls. I standard my edict from you yesterday, and I was highly pleased with what I arranged. I volition be ordination more as my budget allows. I am so felicitous to sustain establish your website. Thanks, Cher Johnson

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