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How to improve your creativity

Techniques to Improve your creativity

Creativity is one of those topics that seems to be hard to measure and increase. It is viewed very differently to improving something more measurable like fitness where we can set out a program and guarantee that if we follow it we will gain measurable increases in fitness.

The question then remains How, and CAN we even improve our creativity. The good news is we can. The bad news is that the reality is that it is not as easily measurable as something like fitness.

The first step is to decide on why it is you want to be more creative- What would being more creative give you?

Would it mean large amounts of cash in your life?

Respect from peers in your particular profession?

You need to focus in on this outcome, see it as a picture in your mind and create a 30 second mental movie of it. Then every day for 30 days you need to run through this mind movie 10 times in great detail. Straight after doing this you should allow yourself to drop into a meditation session lasting at least 10 minutes.

You may find that you drift off to sleep after the meditation which in this case is fine. Many a times I have had very useful dreams relating to whatever goal I was going after from one of these sleeps.

When you stick with the process and really follow through on the 30 days you will be surprised at how your creativity increases and what surprises life has for you.

Remember, creativity comes firstly from the mind, so it is there that you must make the initial changes, the external changes can only follow once the internal has shifted.

Do the work, you’ll be glad you did!

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